Jeni Baker Patterns


Occasionally mistakes make their way past the editing process. As soon as they're caught, they're corrected. All pattern corrections can be found below.

ICO-101 Lined Drawstring Bag Pattern
(updated Nov '21)
- For Project Bag: Fabric requirements for Exterior Main fabric are 1/3 yard. Fabric requirements for Interior fabric are 3/8 yard.

(updated Jan '14)
- For DVD Bag: From Exterior Accent Fabric, subcut strip into (2) 4"x8.5" pieces.

ICO-103 Arithmetic Quilt Pattern (updated Sep '15)
- Updated fabric requirements (primarily backing and binding requirements). See update below:

ICO-104 Side Braid Quilt Pattern (updated May '21)
Updated cutting instruction for Big Braid Background fabric:
- Cut (3) 12.5”xWOF strips
- Subcut strips into (6) 12.5”x6.5” rectangles each
- Cut (1) 6.5”xWOF strip
- Subcut strip into (4) 6.5” squares and (1) 12.5”x6.5” rectangle

ICO-105 Color Hex Quilt Pattern (updated Feb '13)
- For both versions: From each colored print, cut (1) 4.25"xWOF strip.

ICO-107 Half-Square Triangle Sampler Quilt Pattern (updated Oct '13)
- 192 HSTs total.
- Traditional Cutting: Cut 28 total navy 4" squares. Cut 96 total background 4" squares.
- Alternative Cutting: Cut 14 total navy 6" squares. Cut 48 total background 6" squares.

ICO-112 Shining Stars Sampler Quilt Pattern (updated Jul '15)
- Fabric Requirements: 68"x88" piece of batting.
- On page 1, for Cutting (Sashing), only (13) 4.5"xWOF strips are needed, not (15).
- On page 3, step 1 of the instructions, if should read "eight print 3" (1.5") squares, not "3.5".

ICO-113 Triplizip Zipper Pouch Pattern
- In step 3 of the Boxy Pouch (page 4). Exterior and Interior are flipped. It should read: "3. Place the interior piece right sides up on the sewing table. Place the zipper right sides up, centered along the 11.5” edge, with the zipper pull on the right. Place the exterior piece right sides down on top of the zipper and interior piece. Line up edges and pin in place approx every 3/4”." (updated Aug '14)
- Boxy Pouch (page 4) - exterior, interior and handle should be interfaced. (updated Aug '14)
- Boxy Pouch handle/corner instructions updated to reflect project photos. (updated Sept '15)

ICO-115 Sew Portable Travel Set Pattern
- Updated Fabric Requirements, see below. (updated Aug '17)
- Cutting for Tote Bag (page 1): If using non-directional exterior fabric: Cut (1) 24"xWOF strip, subcut into (2) 20"x24" pieces. (updated Jul '15)
- Cutting for Extension Table Cover (page 3): Exterior fabric and cotton canvas Cut (1) 11"x13" piece. Interior and medium-weight interfacing Cut (1) 10"x12" piece. (updated Aug '17, for a better fit)